Chocolate and Love

The origin of Chocolate and Love is a love story: A chocolate craving Scotsman and a foodie Dane met and took a fancy to each other. So they set out to create one of the best organic ethical chocolate brands in the World.

Chocolate and Love was founded by Richard and Birgitte O'Connor in 2010. Leaving behind corporate jobs as a surveyor and lawyer respectively, the couple followed their passion for chocolate and desire to develop a brand they could feel good about. Nine years later they are very happy to have the range stocked in over 40 countries.

Chocolate and Love is excellent quality, ethically-made, organic chocolate at an affordable price. The brand’s lowest cocoa content product for their dark chocolate is 55%, and for their milk chocolate, it is high at 50% cocoa. They believe in More Cacao – Less Sugar.

The Chocolate and Love collection uses only certified organic ingredients; Organic produce that can be traced from the farm and through every process along the way. They source their cacao, cane sugar, vanilla and coffee from cooperatives certified by Fairtrade, many of which are made up of various small family farms.

Every aspect of the business is run as ethically as possible, like minimising shipping to cut down on fuel costs, using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper (C106875) from responsibly-managed forests for our outer wrappers and using 100% biodegradable silver inner wrappers. Yes, you can put the 'foil' on your compost heap; it will dissolve in a couple of months.