Huffkins Cotswolds Bakey Cafe & Tea Rooms

Welcome to the Cotswolds most loved bakery & tearooms.

Huffkins is an award-winning British bakery and tea rooms established c.1890 in Burford, the Cotswolds. The founder, Mr Titcomb baked in a tiny Cotswold stone cottage, delivering freshly baked goods from a wood-fired oven by donkey & cart.

Huffkins has been an independent family-owned company since 1890. The Taee family - Richard, Topsy, Joshua, Jacob & Faith - have owned and grown Huffkins since 1999. The company is run for the long-term good with strong family values.

At their craft bakery, they use time-honoured & trusted methods passed down through the generations. Their hands are their tools. They bake in small batches using local Cotswold ingredients wherever possible for the highest quality & authenticity.