The Real Olive Company

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The aromatic flavours and succulent texture of the finest olives, marinated with fragrant herbs and spices using natural, cold-pressed oils.

Since Karin Andersson and Ben Flight founded the Real Olive Company in Bristol in 1998, they have personally established a network of growers around the Mediterranean coast, in Greece, Italy, France, Morocco and Spain.

Working with small scale, independent, artisan and organic farmers, they know exactly where their olives and other mouth-watering ingredients come from. Their olives are pure, natural products from sun-kissed groves that remain a haven for wildflowers, insects and birds, as they have been for centuries.

They apply time-honoured ways of preparing and preserving olives without the use of modern artificial preservatives. Their authentic aromatic, Mediterranean flavours are brought to life via age-old recipes combining fragrant herbs and spices in natural cold-pressed oils. The mission remains the same; bring delicious fruits of the Mediterranean sun from artisan farmers.

The Real Olive Company have been supplying UK delis, farm shops, caterers, restaurants and bars with their delicious marinated olives, semi-dried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, extra virgin olive oils, antipasti and Mediterranean foods since 1998. Since they began trading at Bristol’s historic St Nicholas Market their products appear in delis and farm shops across the land. They're proud to call their olives ‘real food for real people’.

The Real Olive Company

Bringing you the delicious harvest of the Mediterranean sun, grown for us by trusted farmers, following time-honoured methods.

Live, love, eat olives