V&L Honeymakers

V&L Honeymakers at Cotswolds Hampers

V&L Honeymakers are farmers without land. Their 700 hives are dotted around the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds, an outstanding area for honey production thanks to its rich soil and abundance of nectar.

In the spring and summer, their bees go foraging. Gathering nectar and pollen from the nearby orchards, hedgerows, fields and meadows, they return to their hives every evening, carrying their precious cargo to turn into liquid golden honey.

Later on in the season when the hives have become laden with honey, and only - when there is enough to share – they intercept some of this precious cargo so they can share it with you. They do not take it all. They love their bees dearly and care for them.

During the extraction process, V&L Honeymakers scratch off the outer beeswax cappings from the honeycomb cells, spin the frames, let the honey flow gently through one screen to remove the wax cappings, and that’s it!

They then softly warm the honey, so that they can filter it once, to remove the bits of wax or the odd wing or sting that got left behind. They don’t add water, homogenize flavours or use pressurised filters. The honey has no added sugar, nor is it harshly overheated, and they do not use any antibiotics or additives at any point during its production.

Thanks, in large part, to these techniques, the honey retains all of its natural goodness and beneficial properties and remains one of natures’ finest of superfoods.