The Sky Wave Gin & Tonic Recipe

The Sky Wave Gin & Tonic Recipe


Some might say this isn’t really a cocktail, but we wanted to explain our ‘perfect serve’. There are many ways to drink a Sky Wave Gin & Tonic, but here’s what we recommend.



  1. Chill the glass with iced water. Pour away.
  2. Add 3 or 4 cubes of ice to the glass, no more (or you end up with a watery G&T).
  3. Add the Sky Wave Gin.
  4. Gently pour the tonic down the side of the glass to retain the fizz. We recommend slightly less than 3 parts tonic to one part gin.
  5. Add the red grapefruit garnish (squeeze if you wish) and gently stir with a muddler or spoon.

Recipe notes by Rachel of The Sky Wave Distilling Company

Use a highball glass (Andy) or a martini glass (Rachel). In Rachel’s words, “We hate this trend for huge balloon gin glasses. All you get is a face full of ice and over-diluted gin!”

If you really want to bring out the spiciness, add 2 or 3 drops of Sky Wave Gin’s fabulous Grapefruit Bitters, or a couple of drops of Angostura Bitters.